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How does Coding benefit young children
Asked By : Mummy SL
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Why are coding classes so popular these days? How can my child benefit from coding classes? I mean, does my child really need to start at pre-school age, or can I wait till primary school?


Coding is the new literacy in this digital age. It is always much easier to start from young as the brain is still developing.

It’s hard to imagine life without technology today. Digital innovation has been in the forefront of many sectors across the globe and in Singapore, the Government has led the way in digital disruption with the Smart Nation initiative in 2014, empowering citizens and encouraging businesses to adopt a technology-forward mindset.

Preparing for the evolving Primary School and Beyond

In line with the Government’s initiative, primary schools are tapping on technology innovations to aid students in their learning and prepare them for the future. Because today’s children are digital natives and comfortable with technology from a young age, technology is no longer taught merely as an isolated subject but is used as a tool in schools to increase students’ engagement and help students learn concepts taught in subjects such as English and Science. Instead of limiting children’s opportunities for learning with technology, children need to be taught how to learn optimally and responsibly with technology.

In the last 30 years, we have experienced firsthand the disruption to telecommunications by the smart phone. As the world is becoming driven more and more by technology, the next 30 years will see major disruptions by artificial intelligence (AI) and robots. Our children of today will have to co-exist with robots when he/she enters the workforce. Many jobs will be displaced by these disruptions but also create many new and exciting opportunities. For your child to maximize his/her potential and gain access to these new opportunities, your child needs to learn the language of AI and robots – coding.

Coding as the New Literacy

Coding is the new literacy in this digital age. Like learning any language, it is always much easier to start from young as the brain is still developing.

Children who learn coding early gain a deeper and more complete understanding of the logic and advanced thinking behind coding because coding goes beyond merely programming a robot. In fact, the essence of coding is logical thinking by breaking down a problem into a sequence of steps. Coding also exposes a child to computational thinking, which is the ability to take a complex problem, analyze and understand it, and develop possible solutions for people and computers to understand. These are considered life skills which will enable them to manage complex challenges and adapt well in life, be it in primary school or in 20 years to come when he/she goes out to work.

Coding not only develops 21st century competencies like innovation, creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills but also academic skills. These skills can be applied in a variety of situations not just in school or at work but in daily life, regardless of how technology changes.

It is, therefore, not surprising that parents these days are anxious for their young ones to learn coding. Young children can benefit greatly from the rich foundation that coding provides that is valuable and vital for their success in the ever-changing future.

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The Expert:

Dr Richard Yen

Founder of ChildFirst Pre-school &

Managing Director of Ednovation Pte Ltd