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How to choose a childcare centre so that my child can be better prepared for Primary 1?
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How should I choose a childcare centre so that my girl can be better prepared for Primary 1 later on? Or Should I just focus on sending her for enrichment classes instead of full day childcare?


There Are Preschools In Singapore That Offer Enrichment Programmes Outside of The Core Curriculum

There are many types of preschools and childcare centres in Singapore (e.g. those that are play-based and others that focus on multi-discipline learning). Most preschools focus on a chosen methodology (i.e. Montessori and Reggio Emilia). Whole brain learning preschool programmes like those in MindChamps, where the curriculum is based on decades of research in Neuroscience, Psychology, Education and Theatre, have led to impressive results whilst preparing children for the transition to P1.

From going on excursions to primary schools to engaging in reading and writing programmes and practicing money concepts (a crucial skill to have in order to buy their own food during recess), many preschools go to great lengths to get children ready for the primary school journey.

Research has shown how early childcare programmes have a profound, lifelong impact on a child’s development. As such, some preschools in Singapore offer enrichment programmes outside of the core curriculum – these may include options such as music, gym, creative thinking, theatre and cookery. These enrichment classes aim to nurture all aspects of preschoolers, cultivating a love of learning that extends to primary school and beyond.


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Janice Lim

Deputy Director (Early Childhood), Curriculum and Training.

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