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How to determine whether my child requires any enrichment classes and what kind?
Asked By : Mummy Teo
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People around me are all sending their children to enrichment classes. How do I know if my child requires any enrichment classes and what kind of enrichment classes should I send him to?


Always Take into Account the Child’s Stress Level. Balance is Key.

Enrichment classes are healthy for a child as long as he or she enjoys the lessons. Many parents send their children for these classes as a form of exposure. Knowing your child’s strengths, weaknesses and interests is important in choosing the right enrichment classes. Whether it is to build on their strengths and confidence, to improve on their weaknesses, or to further fuel their interests, we should always take into account the child’s stress level. Balance is key.


The Expert:

Sue Lynn Lee 

Academic Director, Early Years and Lower Primary

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