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How to help my children who are confused between English Phonics and the HYPY?
Asked By : Kelly Lee
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I realise that my child is being confused with the English phonics taught and the HYPY taught at school. Is there any way to help my child with this problem?


Ensure that Children are More Proficient in Either One Before Introducing Them to The Other

This confusion is common. We usually try to ensure that children are more proficient in either one before introducing them to the other. On the other hand, many see phonics as the primary method to teaching a child how to read. However, there are actually many other supporting modes of learning how to read. Sight words are a good way to get children to get past the decoding method. Moreover, children can also rely on their knowledge of grammar and vocabulary to help them figure out how to read a word. Based on this multi-modal method, conversations with children are important in order for them to build on prior grammatical and vocabulary knowledge.


The Expert:

Sue Lynn Lee 

Academic Director, Early Years and Lower Primary

The Learning Lab