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How to identify good communication channels between preschool and parent?
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I believe in good parent-preschool relationship so I can know the progress of my child. Are there standard communication methods in place for preschools to connect with parents or what I should look out for to ensure good communication channels are present when checking out preschools?


Early Years Developmental Framework and the Nurturing Early Learners Framework

All preschools are expected to have strategies in place that will engage parents. The two national frameworks in Singapore, the Early Years Developmental Framework and the Nurturing Early Learners Framework both include the component of parent-teacher partnership. Different preschools have different ways of engaging parents. You will have to decide if the strategies that the preschool employs fulfils what you desire to know. It is all about a goodness-of-fit with your expectations of parent-teacher partnerships.

The three different early childhood programs provided by NTUC First Campus namely My First Skool, Little Skool House and The Caterpillar’s Cove adopt a variety of strategies to engage with parents depending on the centre’s context. An online parent portal, whole class and individual child updates, communication books, parent-teacher conference, parent volunteers in the classroom, parent participation in centre events or excursions, curriculum orientationand take home activities are just some strategies to name a few. 

As a general rule of thumb, there should be communication channels in place for you to talk to your child’s teacher about any concerns or questions whenever they arise. You should be able to have brief conversations with the teachers at drop offs and pick ups if need be. You should also hear or read not only about what your child’s class is doing but also specifically about your child.  And, at least twice a year, there should be a formal, sit down meeting with the teacher to discuss your child’s learning and development.

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The Expert:

Angela Chng 

Head of Professional Practices and Development

NTUC First Campus

Angela Chng is the Head of Professional Practices and Development at NTUC First Campus. She is an early childhood teacher and a Birth to 8 specialist with over 16 years experience working with young children and families both in Singapore and Australia. Angela is also an editor and author for early childhood publications on pedagogy and practice.