Enrichment Music & Movement
Is it too early to start my <2 years old to music and movement classes? Is there any benefit to exposure babies or toddlers so early or should I wait till they are older?
Asked By : Parent Lim
Words from the Expert:

It is not too early to start Early Childhood Music and Movement classes for your child, who is under two.

“Your child’s brain is a work in progress with trillions of neurons waiting to be wired into a mind. The experiences of childhood, pioneering research shows, helps form the brain circuits for music and math, language and emotion.”

- Excerpt from Newsweek Article by Sharon Begley

Music is a universal language and even in mummy’s womb, a baby can hear mummy’s heartbeat, which in itself is a pulse or steady beat. Do you notice your baby bouncing to a pulse when the music is switched on?

In an (group) Early Childhood Music Class, the children will not only bond with Mummy or Daddy, but will also learn to understand the environment  and people around them. That will help them in their social skills in future.

Many geniuses or leaders have learnt music, such as Albert Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell, Charles Dickens, Thomas Edison, Condolezza Rice and Bill Clinton


Did you know that Music is closely related to Math and Language? Babies internalise multiplication and division even before they know how to count. How? You may ask.

By moving in tandem with the music that depicts whole note (4 beats), dotted-half-note(3 beats), half note(2 beats), quarter note(1beat) and eighth note ( ½ beat),  the child is able to internalise it better.



When you listen to music, do you realise that there are patterns in music? Verse, Chorus, Bridge? Notice that the pattern is predictable and repeats itself? When your child gets older and goes to Kindergarten, part of the Math curriculum requires your child to use logic and decipher the next object in the pattern. For example,

In an Early Childhood Music Programme at OMS, we will facilitate dances with different actions to depict the patterns in the music.

Who would you think will perform better in such tasks in future? A child who has exposure to such learning compared to a child who has not?

Did you know that Music is also a tool to learn language? Children learn best by doing.

In our setting, parents are encouraged to lift their child up to ‘fly’ or “run’ with their child as they label the movement. (Apart from so many other action words). That way, a child is better able to put two and two together and understand the meaning of the word better.

There is an African saying that, “It takes a village to raise a child.”

Apart from math, language and social skills (yes, they learn to take turns and support their friends, even at this age), OMS classes emphasize on  confidence, creativity, auditory, visual and physical skills.

Would we not want our children to have both better EQ and IQ?  Especially in this new age where our children, the future leaders need the above skills in order to flourish?

Your child’s early years are crucial and the bonds that you share with your child at this age will consciously or subconsciously carry your child through their adult life. How about building a positive one today with Early Childhood Music in OMS?

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