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Is there any difference between a childcare and after school care?
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Childcare is More Focused on the Children’s Personal Needs while After-School Care includes a Focus on the Children’s Learning

Absolutely! Childcare is more focused on the children’s personal needs and after-school care includes a focus on the children’s learning through support with completion of homework and other learning opportunities that some after-school care services provide.

In our afterschool care service, we focus on providing a nurturing environment where the children’s personal, social and learning needs are met in a place where they can feel relaxed and ‘at home’. Not only do the children receive expert support and encouragement with their homework, the daily literature based activities nurture a love of literature and develop the children’s confidence and creativity. The R Learning Lab implements the Virtues Project to support the children’s personal and social development and this approach also helps us to provide the positive and engaging environment the children experience.


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Louise Grant 

Founding Director 

Penn Junior Academy