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Prices are kept low for Partner Operators POP preschools but are their teachers and curriculum good?
Asked By : Peggy Teo
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The school fees for centres that are appointed by ECDA as Partner Operators (POP) are really attractive! Is there any compromise in their teachers and curriculum standards or they are the same as other private schools?


All POP centres are SPARK certified

The main reason for ECDA to come out with POP scheme is to ensure quality care and education at an affordable fee.  We were put through a very stringent selection process before we can be appointed as POP centre.

In order to maintain high curriculum standards and ensure the quality of our staff are up to expectations, all POP centres must be SPARK certified within a given period of time. We will only employ teachers who are passionate in Early childhood, the staff at our Nordcom centre are highly trained and some have even worked in Carpe Diem for more than 5 years. Hence you can be assured of the quality of our teachers and curriculum.


The Expert:

Tan Kiah Hui 


Carpe Diem @ Nordcom