What are the benefits for introducing various sports early to young toddlers?
Asked By : Mrs Kat
Words from the Expert:

There are many benefits to introducing a variety of sports to young children but the 2 main ones I believe are:

  1. It promotes holistic development that is key for the foundation of motor skills and further development later on. For example, when we start our education in primary school, we have less specialisation. We then go onto learning a wider variety in secondary school before we then specialise in later years. In a similar way, it is important for children to go through a variety of sports at an early age so that they build different motor skills associated with different sports. This sets their foundation for later development and specialisation in more specific sports.

  2. Its FUN! Young children focus on fun and play and we should use that to ensure they learn. We run a variety of sports so that the children don’t have to keep doing the same skill and keep doing the same sports. Through a multi-sport programme, children can learn new things every few weeks, and that keeps them interested. There are also a variety of games we play during each sport so that allows them to have fun while learning.