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What is a suitable age for a child to start knowing about current affair and discussion?
Asked By : Miss Khoo
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Is it too early to start my child with current affair knowledge and discussion? How can I interest him at such a young age of 5 years old?


Never Too Young to Expose Children to What is Happening Around the World

It is definitely not too young to expose children to what is happening around the world. In fact, these conversations will help them develop better comprehension and communication skills. There are many ways to talk about world affairs at a child’s level; you might make references to similar storybooks, videos, drawings, real life experiences and examples, for example. Usually, when the idea or topic is presented in a fun and relatable manner, children will be interested to find out more. Some children enjoy being a part of these conversations at the dinner table with their parents and friends.


The Expert:

Sue Lynn Lee 

Academic Director, Early Years and Lower Primary

The Learning Lab