Enrichment Playgroup
What is the appropriate age for me to send my child to a adult-accompanied playgroup? Is it just mainly play and not really learning anything?
Asked By : MummySe
Words from the Expert:

Starting from the age of 6 months old, infants start to become very curious about their surroundings and very attentive to details. They learn about their environment by keenly exploring through touching and ‘mouthing’. Their sight improves and they start to notice (and become interested in) tiny details in objects, such as the eyes of their teddy bear. They listen to sounds and language around them, and the more language you give them, the more you prepare them for speech that will come soon after. They also start to move by crawling on tummies, rolling about, shuffling their bottoms etc. Infants from 6 months onwards need plenty of stimulations. As such, it is appropriate for infants to begin attending fun adult-accompanied playgroups starting from 6 months of age.

At adult-accompanied playgroups, amidst the play-like activities, a lot of learning takes place. Infants and toddlers learn best through activities that look like ‘play’ – e.g. hands-on explorations, multi-sensory and multi-domain stimulations, and immersion in a language-rich environment. Young children learn best when they are happily exploring using their 5 senses. When looking for a good playgroup, look for one that incorporates many play-like and hands-on activities, and one that provide all-rounded activities that support the development of a whole child (activities that work on gross and fine motor, language, social-emotional, and cognitive skills as well as creativity).