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Will Speech and Drama class helps children to be more extrovert and expressive?
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My daughter is shy and not expressive. Will sending her to speech and drama class helps build her character to be more extrovert and expressive?


Speech and Drama Classes can Help Children Grow in Confidence and Develop Postive Self-esteem

I believe it will be useful for your daughter to do a Speech and Drama class where children will grow in confidence in their ability to communicate. The classes incorporate games to warm up the children’s bodies, voice and speech exercises to help develop clear articulation and an expressive voice. We will also introduce poems and stories and enable the children to engage in a drama rich environment. Our drama lessons incorporate collaborative learning through creative problem solving and this will over time help your daughter to interact more confortably with her peers.

At Julia Gabriel Centre we use our EduDrama methodology to stimulate children’s learning and participation. Reseach has shown that secure relationships in early childhood create a valuable context for development. The nurturing environment in our Speech and Drama classes provides children with the security they need to overcome initial fears of speaking and interacting with peers.

EduDrama also empowers children by putting them in control of the decision-making. Very often in a Speech and Drama class, the children are invited to collborate with their peers, share their ideas and work together to solve the conflicts that may have been introduced during drama. Children will make choices during this collaborate problem-solving process which will encourage them to develop confidence in their own abilities.

When children engage in a drama experience they will develop the skills of active listening and expressive speaking, as they engage with poetry, stories and rhymes which are extended and enjoyed imaginative and creatively.

On the whole Speech and Drama classes can help children grow in confidence and develop postive self-esteem which will support them as they express themselves at their best.


The Expert:

Mala Sundram

Head of Department Speech and Drama, Readers and Writers

Julia Gabriel Centre