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Will studying in a Chinese Preschool result in weaker English command for my kid?
Asked By : Christine
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If a preschool focus more on Chinese language, does it mean that other subjects like Math will also be taught in Mandarin? Will their English language be weaker then?


Place a Strong Emphasis on Helping Children to become Effectively Bilingual

In Chinese preschools and preschools that offer Chinese Immersion programmes, it does not mean that all subjects will be taught in Chinese. In fact, most of these preschools place a strong emphasis on helping children to become effectively bilingual.

Take for instance at MindChamps Chinese PreSchool, most of the core and enrichment programmes are designed to be effectively bilingual for all levels. This helps to provide them with more exposure to the language and the opportunity to communicate in Chinese.

As for whether or not attending a Chinese preschool would cause children’s command of English to be weaker, fortunately, this is not something Singaporean parents need to worry about. Kids who learn Mandarin early on will never be at a disadvantage. As Singapore is still predominantly an English-speaking country, a child’s English will be fine regardless of whether or not he or she is sent to a Chinese preschool.

In MindChamps Chinese PreSchools, our younger preschoolers in Playgroup and Nursery 1 learn both Chinese and English, taught by the respective Chinese and English teachers.

From Nursery 2 onwards, the usage and teaching of the English language will be increased. This will progress into the Kindergarten curriculum where both languages will be taught to prepare our Champs for their primary school education.


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Joyce Sun

Centre Director of MindChamps Chinese PreSchool @ Tampines Central and MindChamps PreSchool Curriculum Team

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