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Bilingual Babes (6-17 months)

This is a play-based bilingual class that includes a 15-20 mins segment in Mandarin. The activities conducted in the class include Nursery Rhymes, Story Telling, Music and Movement, Puppetry, Art and Craft, as well as Phonics rhyme. 50% off trial fee for 1 session of any Enrichment or Pre-Nursery drop=off class OR 20% off First Term's Fee with SAP vouchers in Welcome Pack when you sign up as SeriousAboutPreschool member.

Trial Class


$ 45
50 %
90 Minutes
A Play based bilingual class that includes a 15-20 mins segment in Mandarin
Branch Address: Age Group(s):
BibiNogs Kids Academy | Central Region
10 Jalan Serene, #02-05 Serene Centre, Singapore 258748
6466 4167, WhatsApp: 8800 7711
6-18 months
BibiNogs @Tides | East Region
217 East Coast Road, #02-05/06/07, Tides, Singapore 428915
6957 6900
6-18 months
  1. preschool singapore expert

    Tried out 1 trial session before when my daughter was less than 12 months old. It is a parents accompanied program that last for 1.5hrs. Both parents can be around to accompany their child. The program started off with introducing one another followed by phonics which is similar to zoo phonics as they used animals to teach the alphabets and there was a lot of singing then followed by Chinese language which is being taught by a native teacher. I can still remember the Chinese songs that was sang although it has been sometime back since we joined because of the actions we had to do along with the singing. After that was art work where we have to paint the paper, paste animals on it and black stripes over to show as if the animals are in a cage. Last was snacks which was some biscuits with juice. I think my little one was too young to understand what's going on so she just played along. But for older toddlers I guess it's a good program.

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