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Family Music for Toddlers by Musikgarten

Recommended as a progression from FMB to hone music appreciation, body confidence and spatial intelligence, Child progresses to learning about pitch, timbre, dynamics, rhythm and melody and skills such as finger play, rocking, bouncing, singing/listening games, body awareness, and tapping (with hands, feet and percussion). For more information on our trial lesson, goto

Trial Class

Whole Brain Development/ IQ/ EQ/ Stimulation

Saturday, Sunday
45 Minutes
Enhance the Children's total development - Physical, Intellectual, Language, Musical etc...
Branch Address: Age Group(s):
Ang Mo Kio | North-East Region
528 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 #02-2387 Singapore 560528
18 months - 2 years
2-3 years
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    A once a week 45 mins session that is parent accompanied. The school adopts Musikgarten which is originated from the US and so is rather structured and well developed. It is compulsory to purchase their materials which includes a parent guide book, CD and other musical items. The maximum class size is 7 toddlers. The instructor will start off with a hello song and then used a variety of musical instruments to engage the toddlers. There is also a session whereby the instructor will dim the lights and blow bubbles which the kids love while playing some nice soothing songs. As the toddlers are quite young, many including mine will usually wander about the class room or prefer to do their own stuff. I guess most of them prefer free play instead like shaking the maracas to their own beat rather than following the teacher's instructions.

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