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Thinking English

A programme designed for young and vocal learners who are starting to read and are ready to develop comprehension and to express themselves in writing. Vocabulary development - understanding new words contextually , acquiring new vocabulary and using new words appropriately Reading and comprehending - words, phonics through guided reading, responding to questions, comparing information, predicting English Language usage - common sentence structures, questions and answers Understanding stories - characters, themes, plots, setting, connecting to life experiences, retelling familiar stories Writing strategies - writing words and brief sentences, writing legibly using both uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet, using proper spacing of letters and words Listening and speaking - short poems, rhymes, songs, oral presentations, descriptions, relating experiences in logical sequence, sharing information and ideas

Trial Term

Reading/ Phonics/ Writing/ English

$ 450
Vocabulary, comprehension, listening and speaking
Branch Address: Age Group(s):
Suntec City | Central Region
3 Temasek Boulevard #03-374/375/376 Suntec City Mall (Josiah Montessori premises) Singapore 038983
5-6 years
above 6 years old
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    My girl has to complete a diagnostic test which involves completing some worksheets to determine her level of English. It includes basically the beginning and ending letter sounds of each word with picture shown and writing the alphabets from A to Z in capital and small letter cases. The worksheets are all in black and white, no colors but usually the teacher will allow some coloring time for them to color the worksheets themselves. Each child will be given a folder which will have the term outline of what is to be taught for that term followed by the completed worksheets given out during lesson to be brought home. The worksheets are all written exercises which includes simple cloze, fill in the blanks, arrange of sentences, match of words to pictures etc. There is also story telling time and a bit of art and craft so that kids can have more fun learning.

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