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In our SUPERHEROES PlaySchool programme, we provide rich, stimulating and nurturing environment for your young heroes to explore, play and learn. Specially designed developmentally appropriate activities are catered to the young heroes to facilitate them in whole brain development. Research has proven that by the time a child reaches 3 years old, the child s brain is about 80% of an adult s size. Hence, here at Genius League, we aim to maximise the brain s genius potential by providing multi-dimensional, multilingual, sensorial and thematic stimulations, encouraging the use of their 5 senses and promoting early speech and language skills. In addition, we are the only Playschool in Singapore with Right-Brain Training! With a focus on hands-on activities in a language-rich environment, learning takes place through multi-dimensional array of activities including art and craft, puppetry, hands-on science discoveries, music and more!

Trial Class

Whole Brain Development/ IQ/ EQ/ Stimulation

90 Minutes
Art and craft, puppetry, hands-on science discoveries, music
Branch Address: Age Group(s):
Goldhill Centre | Central Region
191A Thomson Road Goldhill Centre (Level 2) Singapore 307632
6258 1801
18 months - 2 years
2-3 years
6-18 months

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