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SUPERHEROES@School provides multilingual quality, early learning platform to facilitate a child in his whole brain development through multi-dimensional approaches, with a focus not just on IQ (Intelligence Quotient) but also on EQ (Emotional Quotient), CQ (Creativity Quotient), MQ (Moral Quotient) and AQ (Adversity Quotient). The first special feature of SUPERHEROES@SCHOOL is the GENIUS SUPERTRACK programme, which is an Accelerated Learning Programme featuring 12 different themes, such as Astronomy, Botany, Biology, Earth Sciences, Life Sciences, World Education and more. Secondly, SUPERHEROES@SCHOOL also features Right Brain Training in its curriculum. This helps to promote and reinforce overall brain development for each child. At Genius League, we believe that all heroes begin with a strong foundation of Character Education. Each month, we focus on one value, presented through Speech & Dramatizations, EQ takeaways, role plays and more.


Whole Brain Development/ IQ/ EQ/ Stimulation

180 Minutes
Science, critical thinking, communication and collaborative skills, Right Brain Training, Speech & Dramatizations, EQ takeaways, roleplays
Branch Address: Age Group(s):
Goldhill Centre | Central Region
191A Thomson Road Goldhill Centre (Level 2) Singapore 307632
6258 1801
2-3 years
3-4 years
4-5 years
5-6 years
above 6 years old

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