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Whole Brain Learning

At iGenius, we intentionally expose and guide our children to more effective learning methods. We do so by activating their less-utilised right brains. By doing so, their visual centres will be stimulated, which will in turn boost learning and assist them in remembering necessary information (required in school or life).

Trial Class

Whole Brain Development/ IQ/ EQ/ Stimulation

$ 60
Saturday, Sunday
60 Minutes
Memory, Concentration, Analytical, Listening, Spatial, Creativity & Imagination
Branch Address: Age Group(s):
iGenius Singapore | Central Region
9 Penang Road, #12-01 Park Mall S(238459)
6737 3333
3-4 years
  1. preschool singapore expert

    My Son has been with Igenius for almost 6 months. The fees are more or less the same per class per hour basis if compared to other similar Centres offering similar programs. Thus the reason why I chose this instead is because of the teacher and the type of activities that they do. The Teachers are patient and the class size is small. It is not so fast paced and less stressful. However they do require their students to do homework which comprise of worksheets which some I would say is rather difficult for his age. But the Teachers are encouraging and they will explain mistakes made in a positive manner. I would say my child literacy skills are much more advance than his peers who doesn't attend such classes.

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