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K1 - Develop interest and oral skills

Reading Programme nurtures interest and develops a foundation in word recognition through storytelling Role-playing activities develop oral skills and confidence Build solid foundation in writing strokes and sequences Home learning and quizzes to reinforce vocabulary


Chinese Language

105 Minutes
Reading and Writing Mandarin
Branch Address: Age Group(s):
Bedok | East Region
209 New Upper Changi Road, #03-649, S(460209)
4-5 years
  1. preschool singapore expert

    My son is in the K1 class attending total of 12 lessons each term every week. Just like the child care my son is currently attending, they also use some form of computer technology to teach mandarin through animations, videos and songs to create interest in Mandarin learning. Their class size is small and it works well for me as I feel that the kids will then get better attention from the teacher. Also, the school is very flexible, they allow make up classes should we miss any of the class. We are also given a clear folder which has all the different worksheets taught for each lesson. After each class, the kid will be given a sticker if they could read out the word that was taught for that class before they can go back. Good form of encouragement for the kids to pay attention in class.

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