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Koala 4-5 years old

•Fine motor control: learning letter formations and correct pencil hold •Gross motor exercises using midline skills •Brain Stimulation exercises for concentration and retention. •Phonemic and phonological awareness level 2: rhyming, Jolly Phonics sounds, consonant blends, word families, sight words, Jolly Phonics DVD, Jolly Jingles, alphabet (Alphabet Zoo)Jolly Phonics games level 1, Jolly Phonics Whiteboard Program stage 2, Jolly Phonics blending games, counting sounds exercises, decoding and choosing correct sentences for pictures. Jolly Phonics word lists-first half. Writing Dictation words – group 1. •Oral Language: pronunciation exercises, puppets to initiate expressive speech and characterisation, making up nonsense rhymes, restructuring nursery rhymes, Barrier games to encourage precise language and careful listening and telling news. •Literature: listening and responding to stories, comprehension, creative responses and thinking skills centred on chosen literature.


Reading/ Phonics/ Writing/ English

Phonics and Writing
Branch Address: Age Group(s):
Serangoon Garden | North-East Region
No. 13 Lichfield Road Serangoon Garden Estate Singapore 556833
4-5 years
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    Someone actually recommended this small set up phonics school in Serangoon Gardens. The class size is very small with max 4 kids. They are using Jolly phonics which is the same as my daughter childcare. So it is good as it wont cause much confusion I guess. The principal and teachers are told to be trained in Jolly phonics and possess degree in early childhood. Their teaching method is rather creative e.g. using alphabets to form the words written on the board then try to blend the words and pronounce it, using art and craft to reinforce the alphabet learnt that day, story telling using puppets to dramatize and draw the kids attention, writing and correct grip of holding pencils.

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