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Beginner (Pre-Grade 1)

For students who have little to no experience with piano lessons, we have a great course which introduces them, the right way, to the wonderful world of music and piano playing! We offer both one-on-one classes and small group classes. However, we strongly recommend starting off your child in our group classes first, because we have found that our little ones learn much faster in this setting!

Trial Class

Musical Instrument

45 Minutes
Piano (small group or 1 to 1)
Branch Address: Age Group(s):
Turf Club Road | Central Region
200 Turf Club Road, #04-15 (North Tower above Pasarbella), Singapore, 287994.
6676 8468
3-4 years
4-5 years
5-6 years
above 6 years old
  1. preschool singapore expert

    When the school first started last year, it had only 2 rooms to conduct their music lessons. It was so popular that we couldn't manage to get a slot for it until they expanded and rented its neighboring shops. Then saw from this website that they are giving free trial at the same time so I quickly book with them. The place is very very cozy and nice. I love the teacher and she is full of energy and could quickly build good rapport with my daughter. So I decided to sign up once a week 45mins 1 to 1 piano class for her. During the first class, the teacher taught her note recognition and treble clef using cute drawings and colorful worksheets which my daughter really loves. For every lesson, the teacher will teach a combination of both theory and practical and there will be homework for her to do as well. I am so looking forward to her year end performance at the Esplanade! It will be such a good exposure for her and such opportunities are not common in other music schools in Singapore. KWJ uses their own syllabus and follows a structured learning path. The teacher did asked if we wanted to go through the exam route or solely learn for leisure because if its for graded exams, they would have to focus more on practicing exam pieces and mastering the theory well. I am kind of worried it might kill her interest then if its too stressful. Will need to continue to monitor her interest. So far she is still very happy with her teacher and attending the class every week at beginner level.

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