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Young Beginner's Course

Like the Toddler s course, parallel teaching concepts are use in the Young Beginner s Course. Above training prime tonal and rhythmic aptitude, this course extends to prepare the child to secure a wholesome knowledge of music while still having fun in learning. By utilizing the informal instruction of teaching where lessons include music and movement, games, singing and ensemble playing, it supplement the child s development in their musical sense and proficiency. The curriculum also broadens to note recognition and playing a simple tune in ensemble style. Furthermore it also aims to instigate independent and collaborative play with musical materials thereby demonstrating curiosity about music. This music programme will provide ample training for the student to proceed on to next level in their instrumental training.


Music & Movement

45 Minutes
Music Appreciation
Branch Address: Age Group(s):
Orchard Road | Central Region
583 Orchard Road #12-02 Forum Singapore 238884
6738 9963
3-4 years
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    My daughter is already in term 2 of the Young Beginners course and it is indeed getting harder as we progress. There is now more hands and eyes co-ordination i.e. both left and right hands playing for every piece. I have no music background and thus I really appreciate this parent accompanied lessons as I could also learn some of the basics of piano with her. E.g. note reading, fingering position, terms used etc Teacher will also test the children their listening skills by playing the different notes on the piano and ask the children what note it is. Most of the time my daughter could get it right but not me. Their workbooks contain colorful pictures and a lot of stickers for her to paste while completing them. I really love the way their workbooks are at teaching the kids recognize the time name and the time value of them. Easy for them to recognize and remember too. Kudos to the teacher and program!

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