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Suzuki Group Class (Violin)

The Suzuki group class teaches violin playing. In Mac s Music School we adopt the Suzuki Violin Method to teach violin learners. This method is pioneered by Dr Shinichi Suzuki for teaching violin to very young children. He recognized that children learn their native language from the example of their parents and their surroundings. He also realized that a child learns their language through listening, repeating and imitating. When children hear sounds, they begin to formulate words and over time learn to string those words together into phrases and sentences. In a short span, the children will be able to communicate with their parents and playmates on a remarkably sophisticated level. Suzuki method uses the same approach in violin teaching.


Musical Instrument

45 Minutes
Branch Address: Age Group(s):
Orchard Road | Central Region
583 Orchard Road #12-02 Forum Singapore 238884
6738 9963
3-4 years

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