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Green Monkey Troop

Math Monkey is a Game Based Math Programme started in the US that engages your children through interactive fun games to develop a strong Math foundation in them and impart analytical skills for life. It is a curriculum that boosts logic, reasoning and crititcal thinking skills. We believe that learning Math should be fun and exciting for children. Specially designed for pre-schoolers, our Green Monkey Programs introduces them to the art of Math and give them a headstart in numbers and music. The Green Monkey program also enables them to associate Math with Fun as well as give them a head start in number sense, reasoning and critical thinking.

Trial Class

Maths/ Abacus/ Mental Arithmetics

60 Minutes
Brain Stimulation & Mental Agility
Branch Address: Age Group(s):
East Coast | East Region
205A East Coast Road, Singapore 428904
3-4 years
4-5 years
Novena | Central Region
1 Goldhill Plaza #02-05 Podium Block, Singapore 308899
6356 9384
3-4 years
4-5 years
  1. preschool singapore expert
    happytobeamotherMarch 06, 2016 04:24:17 AM

    My little one is 4 years old this year. We decided to try out Math Monkey for an assessment to test his level and then determine which class he should attend. The assessment can be parent accompanied and I was there to see how he fare on those questions asked and written. After the assessment, the teacher told us that we can join the Green Monkey Troop level. The class consisted of 6 other children all should be the same age as my son. The lesson taught for that day was bigger and smaller. The teacher taught this by illustrating through a staircase. From steps 0 to 10. The kids will have to count from 0 to 10 and then from 10 to 0. After the kids grasp the concept of which numbers are bigger or smaller, there will be a game to test them. The kids are divided into 2 groups and points were given to each group if they manage to get the answers right. After the game, they would then have to start doing the worksheets by themselves. The teacher will then check and mark through their answers. The class last for an hour once a week and so it wasn't too taxing or tiring for my son. He loves going to the class every week and he will complete his worksheets by himself without me having to ask him to. Which was really good.

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