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Violin Group Class

The violin group class course has been established in order to let students with no previous experience and from an early age (3 and above) to study how to play the violin in a relaxing but efficient manner, which corresponds with the students' age. Aims & Objectives : To develop the basic skills for playing the instrument, as well as to teach the students how to recognize and understand the musical symbols and notes. Expected Outcomes : The course has been divided into 3 levels. Each level lasts 4 months. Students who finish level 1 or 2, can proceed to the next level; or they can choose to continue with individual lessons. Target Students : 3 years old and above; anyone who have an interest in violin and would like to begin studies in a group setting


Musical Instrument

Branch Address: Age Group(s):
Crawford Lane | East Region
Blk 462 Crawford Lane #02-59 Singapore 190462
6338 2469
3-4 years
4-5 years
5-6 years
above 6 years old

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