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Rhythmic Tots (1.5-3 years)

Rhythmic Tots Active tots will experience a myriad of musically stimulating activities to develop their listening & pre-reading skills, vocabulary, gross & fine motor skills as well as musicianship. This program will help the toddlers gain confidence, self-control & communication skills while having fun! E-books, newsletter and thematic Cds(optional) available.

Trial Class

Music & Movement

$ 35
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
45 Minutes
Music and Movement
Branch Address: Age Group(s):
Our Music Studio @ Tanglin Mall | Central Region
Our Music Studio Pte Ltd 167, Tanglin Road, Tanglin Mall, #03-11B, Singapore 247933
18 months - 2 years
2-3 years
  1. preschool singapore expert

    We went for the 1st trial for my 18mths. Many movements and songs sung. There was also musical instruments that children play with. They were also taught to return each item after play. Class size was around 10 pax which was comfortable. There was slow and fast songs and actions to go along which was interactive for her. The class was well mix of parents from korean, caucasians, indians, chinese etc. Was fun to have my child taking/interacting to different races. The place is situated at tanglin mall level 3 at one end of the building. You can spot the place easily as its well decorated. We used the $10 trial voucher and she gets to attend 2 lessons for $20 in consecutive week. The teacher sang well and was very lively. Looking forward to her next lesson :)

  2. preschool singapore expert

    My toddler and I attended the trial at our Music Studio today. It was fun and he enjoyed it . The theme was Animals . They introduced simple rhythmic pattern using names of the animals. They danced to the beat of elephants using scarf. They introduced tapping using drum. It was age approrpriate. The activity that my toddler enjoyed the most was jumping over the hula hoop that was placed on the floor . They moved and danced according to music which is good for sense of rhythm and body co ordination . Another activity that he enjoyed was using the shakers and shake along with the music . Most importantly, he had fun and learn through play .

  3. preschool singapore expert

    Attended kindermusik before and our music studio concept is rather similar to that. Our music studio is conveniently located at Tanglin mall and Perhaps this is the reason why there seems to be quite a number of westerners attending the classes. Every week there's different theme and we love the animal theme the best. We will have to imitate the different kind of animals movement and the sound that they make. The kids were given xylophone as well to play along with some animal song. Given a steering wheel to pretend they are driving and singing some farm songs. We always look forward to attending the class every week though it's only 45mins each week.

  4. preschool singapore expert

    Got the special $10 trial class discount voucher in the welcome pack after signing up here, and decided to utilise the vouchers recently. My 18months old girl fell in love with her first trial class at OMS - the class was fun and enjoyable, teacher Jane & Huzzy were full of positive energy and engaging. Kids were all very spontaneous and happy. My daughter was very responsive and smiley throughout the lesson and I'm happy to watch her enjoying the class! I feel that the class has definitely ignite the interest in music in her. She loves exploring musical instruments now. Looking forward to attend the class with her every week!

  5. preschool singapore expert

    Attended a trial class when my girl was 2. The classroom was big, lively feel and teacher was extremely entertaining and full of energy. Loads of musical instruments were used for the kids to try and they change songs and activities throughout class so that the kids can dance, jump around have a feel of different musical instruments. It was fun. However, my girl was shy and slow to warm up. She hid behind my back all the while despite teacher's efforts to encourage her. Plan to bring her again when she is a little older and see if it is better.

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