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Melodic Kids (3-4.5 years)

MELODIC KIDS (3 to 4 1/2 years) This age group is of full curiosity, imagination, spontaneity & enthusiasm! Using an integrated arts approach, these preschoolers will be exploring elements of music & movement through various modes such as instrument play, drama, dance, games & literature. Instruments like the glockenspiel, xylophone & E-books, newsletter and thematic Cds(optional) available.

Trial Class

Music & Movement

$ 35
Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
45 Minutes
Music and Movement
Branch Address: Age Group(s):
Our Music Studio @ Tanglin Mall | Central Region
Our Music Studio Pte Ltd 167, Tanglin Road, Tanglin Mall, #03-11B, Singapore 247933
3-4 years
4-5 years
  1. preschool singapore expert

    Attended a trial class at OMS with my 3 year old and it's really enjoyable for her. The class was very dynamic with lots of activities and movement for the kids and the teacher involved everyone in the class with the various instruments. This class teaches the concepts of music rather than a specific instrument which is ideal for this age group. The 45 minutes class is split into 2 parts. 30 minutes of musical activities with just the children and another 15 minutes with the parents included. Lots of teamwork and bonding encouraged during the session. Looking forward to next week's class.

  2. preschool singapore expert

    Brought my 1.5yr and 3yr for trials and signed up after seeing both enjoyed the classes. Lots of variety of musical instruments and every term gets a new theme eg Barnyard. The class is more of a learn through play and thus very diffferent with what some others might be more familiar with at Yamaha which is more of a classroom setup mastering a specific instrument. We enjoyed that the 45mins class is split up into 30mins of independent learning and parent accompanied at the later 15mins. The younger kids especially will definitely enjoy it!

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