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MIM (Music for The Intelligent Mind) Encore

The syllabus is designed according to the syllabus of British Music Examination Boards, giving students ample preparation to lead into ABRSM, LCME and other British exam board Graded exams in the future. At the same time, students will get ample opportunities to become a more confident and well-rounded musician through the various and fascinating ways of musicianship training available in this course. The activities conducted in this course are very much alike with the training in music colleges except that they are modified to suit the learning profile of young children. Solo playing and ensembles (which emphasize on group playing) are incorporated together in equal importance to enable students to get the maximum benefits of a well-planned music curriculum. There will be an end of course assessment on MIM by London College of Music Examinations and certificates will be awarded by LCME upon successful completion.


Musical Instrument

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
60 Minutes
Branch Address: Age Group(s):
Hougang | North-East Region
90 Hougang Avenue 10, #05-04/05 Hougang Mall Singapore 538766
4-5 years
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    I chose Seimpi as it follows the British Music Examination Board and there will be an internal assessment at the end of the course which is awarded by LCME. Unlike Yamaha where students learn solfege i.e. Do, Re, Mi etc Seimpi starts them off with music letter notes i.e. C, D, E etc. Class size in Seimpi tends to be smaller as well and thus the teacher is able to go through with each of them on their playing for their mini performance in class. During the recital, kids are allowed to also choose whether they would prefer to use the keyboard or the piano for their playing. To allow the kids to understand the music theory easily, the teacher even uses card games and art and crafts techniques in her lesson. Overall, my son enjoys his music lessons every week.

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