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Mandarin Nurturing Course 2015

Our hallmark language nurturing course is designed to get kids interested in learning Mandarin, infusing edutainment and elements of the performing arts into a unique media-based curriculum. The curriculum is interactive and comprehensive, supported with theme-based and progressive learning that enables children to progress to a higher level of learning systematically every year. The course is also designed to develop students socially, emotionally and intellectually, while facilitating language learning through areas such as social etiquette, self expression, language games, pronunciation, art appreciation and new media content creation. COURSE OUTLINE -Speech Techniques and Patterns -Voice Projection and Vocal Power -Conversation and Mime Skills -Creative Thinking through Imaginative Play -Character and Dramatic Exploration -Observation Skills and Response

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Chinese Language

$ 963
90 Minutes
Mandarin Course
Branch Address: Age Group(s):
Riverside Point | Central Region
30 Merchant Road #04-13 Riverside Point Singapore 058282
6435 6000
4-5 years
5-6 years
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    My daughter is rather a drama queen as in she is very expressive in front of me and very outspoken. But once it comes to performing in class concert or in front of others, she will be timid like a mice - soft spoken, no smile on her face, very reserved. There are a lot of English speech and drama classes but for mandarin ones I would say its rather limited to these few popular ones. So I decided to try out media academy since they are backed by Mediacorp and perhaps my daughter could be scouted by them. What I didn't like was that they had only weekend classes which I try to avoid so that we could have family time during the weekends. Also their fees are not cheap and its about $60 for a 1.5hour lesson each week. What I like though is that the place is very accessible by MRT and that they have themed based activities as well as term end concerts and parent teacher meeting sessions. Their concerts are really those stage performances where they will make up, dress up, rehearse and perform, So far, my daughter spoken Mandarin has improved and she is able to perform more openly than before.

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