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Kidz Talkin' 2015

Specially designed to develop effective communication skills from an early age, this course aims to nurture eloquent, articulate, responsive, creative and confident communicators. The course makes use structured activities that are fun and exciting to engage the students while using different mediums and props to provide various perspectives that will enhance their presentations. Students can expect to develop their speech with pitch, pace, power and pauses, and will learn how to communicate more effectively with appropriate body language, such as posture and hand gestures. LEARNING OUTCOMES Achieve vocal variety to make speeches more interesting and less monotonous Use appropriate body language to deliver messages effectively Develop cognitive skills and ability to hold conversations and make improvisations Enhance self confidence and self esteem

Trial Term


$ 1070
90 Minutes
Communications and Public Speaking
Branch Address: Age Group(s):
Riverside Point | Central Region
30 Merchant Road #04-13 Riverside Point Singapore 058282
6435 6000
4-5 years
5-6 years

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