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Twirling Twos

Help your child discover movement and expression while intermingling with other grown-ups through a structure that blends dance, music and imagination. The 45-minute class is structured in a way that allows the children to gain a gentle introduction to Jazz and Tap techniques with emphasis on coordination exercises and musical response through movement. These classes are also great for the grown-ups in the ‘Twirling Twos’ because not only will they gain 45-minutes of exercise in their day, they get to do so while bonding and having fun with their child as well! This class is fun and exciting for children who are new to dance!



45 Minutes
Parent and Child dance class (Jazz and Tap)
Branch Address: Age Group(s):
City Square Mall | North-East Region
#08-05, 180 Kitchener Road, City Square Mall Singapore 208539
8183 1683
2-3 years
3-4 years

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