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The Physical Child/ Socialable Child/ Communicating Child

The Physical Child seeks to enhance an early learner s physical abilities. Young children learn through physical play. By enhancing coordination and exposing early learners to new ways to interact with their bodies and actions, we develop their sense of adventure and awareness of the physical elements around them for example, space, time and motion. The Sociable Child seeks to sensitize, direct and encourage children to better their social skills, emotional skills and their ability to engage with adults and other children. The Communicating Child seeks to enrich a child s ability to use language and to express their thoughts in a coherent and structured manner. This includes listening, speaking, writing and arts like music and drawing which enhances children s ability to communicate their thoughts and to interact to seek information. Once off materials fee: $70 Fee payable per month for 8 or 9 lessons

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$ 287
Enhances a child's physical abilities, social skills and expressing through the use of language
Branch Address: Age Group(s):
Bedok | East Region
Block 531, Bedok North Street 3, #01-704 Singapore 460531
2-3 years
3-4 years
4-5 years
5-6 years

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