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Let Math be a breeze for your child

MPM math provides children with a self-learning environment so that children can learn to solve problems they have never met before based one 1 on 1 learning-teaching environment.

There are 4 steps in which MPM leads children to learning math:

First step: Enlightenment
Through self-motivation and self-learning, kids can explore numbers, quantity, geometric and space. It provides an opportunity for your child to create endless possibility.

Second step: Concept Construction
You child can learn basic calculation, space measurement and geometry to solve daily problems. It provides a space for your child to solve problems with clear concept and logic.

Third step: Application
This integrates your child's observation, thinking and reasoning. This allows your child to have creative thinking skills so that they can quickly find the best solution to solve heuristic problems.

Fourth step: Reasoning
Your child will learn clear observation and critical thinking skills so that he can have thorough thinking and clear-cut expressions to analyze and solve problems

MPM Math
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