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As part of their relentless effort to bring out the full potential in every child they nurture, the annual K1/K2 camp has become the culture of every Carpe Diem centre.

Carpe Diem K1/K2 Camp 2019

Being the first childcare in Singapore to pioneer an integrated holistic curriculum using Multiple Intelligences-based approach, one of the key effort every year for every Carpe Diem centre is the K1/K2 sleepover camp where it serves as an opportunity for the little ones to have their very first sleep out experience! Believing that this annual camp is an alternative teaching method in evoking curiosity and sense of responsibility and independence in the children, as well as an excellent bonding time among the the little ones, it has become one of the most exciting event of the year for the centres. Every camp is unique and different year on year.  

This year, Carpe Diem Kidz has organized yet another annual sleepover camp for the K1s and K2s, and this time round it's at S.E.A Aquarium! With a mysterious underwater world exploration theme that started from and extends beyond the classrooms, the children got to witness night life under the sea as the day ended and camped out in the Open Ocean Gallery, featuring one of the world’s largest viewing panels, to experience a guided tour with interactive learning on pollution, sustainable seafood and ways to protect the seas.

Carpe Diem's passionate teachers and principals enjoyed the camps as much as the kids and look forward to it every year. These are rare opportunities for them to bond on another level with the children they see in classes everyday.

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