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Do you know how to choose the right preschool for your child with so many options available?

The ART of choosing the RIGHT Preschool

Choosing a preschool is an exciting endeavor for parents, and quite an experience for the child too. For some parents, it can be confusing with so many options available. However, there is certainly a right school for every child, and you just need to sieve it out with careful consideration! 

1. Suitable Curriculum for Your Child

Photo courtesy of Lorna Whiston
Does your child have a flair for performing? Choosing a preschool with the right curriculum that suits your child’s character and your expectations is important so that your child can develop their innate talents to the fullest. For example, if your child shows early signs of character traits or interests such as pretend-play, you can find a preschool that incorporates performing arts into its curriculum.
Lorna Whiston has a specially designed masterclass which includes Speech and Drama into its curriculum so that children can build confidence through theatre. Studies have shown that 90% of people remember things when they do them. Hence, children who like to perform can use this opportunity to learn through action! “My daughter always had fun during her Speech and Drama classes and this curriculum definitely helps in building her confidence! She is so outspoken now.” said Mdm Tay, whose daughter is in N2 this year.
However, it is normal that not all children display character traits at an early stage. When there is no tell-tale sign, the other considerations on your checklist come into picture. Read on.

2. Holiday camps 

Photo courtesy of Lorna Whiston
School holidays do not necessary means taking a break on learning. It can still be an enriching one where your child takes the opportunity to pick up a new skill or be exposed to a new topic. Lorna Whiston Schools at United Square  
“Sending my kids to holiday camps gives me a breather to do my own things for that few hours and they get to learn something new too. Holiday camps is a life saver!’ laughed Sharon Tay, a mother of 2 boys, aged 4 and 7.
offers a variety of camps every school holiday with each being carefully designed and facilitated by experienced teachers so that children will be in safe hands while they go through the fun learning experience. 

3. Outdoor or Indoor

Do you prefer preschools with outdoor facilities or you would like your child to stay indoors most of the time to avoid mosquito and heat issues? Some kids have eczema concerns and staying in air-conditioned environment is a better arrangement for them in order to avoid perspiration. Whatever preferences and concerns parents may have, these should definitely be in the school search checklist as it forms the environment that the preschool has to offer and whether it suits your child’s needs.
Lorna Whiston at Winchester’s extensive outdoor play area is welcomed by many parents, and certainly the kids, who see going to school as visiting the playground every day. 

4. Passionate and Dedicated Teachers

Children start to develop cognitive skills during their preschool years and the preschool you have selected is crucial in supporting this development. It is important for the preschool to be equipped with patient and dedicated teachers to help broaden your child’s knowledge. “We place great emphasis on the quality of our teachers and passion is number one in our list of hiring criteria. Teachers must be committed to each and every single child so that they can prepare the most engaging lessons for them every day.” says Lorna Whiston.
5. Preparation for Primary School

Is your child attending international school or local primary school after graduating from preschool? Some preschools are more in tuned with the local MOE curriculum than the others with the intention of preparing the kids for primary 1. There are parents who even switch preschools for their children in K1 or K2 to focus a little more on academics while others seek a more international environment to prep their children for grade one in an international school! The beauty of being in preschools is that it’s never too late to make any change!

6. Distance from Home or Office

Are you sending and fetching your child from home daily? Are you engaging the service of a school bus provider? Do you intend to send your child on your way to work and pick him or her after work? Ask yourself these questions to decide if the school should be near your home or office so that you and your child can save time on travelling! Choosing a preschool close to your home or office can certainly provide some relief and convenience in your daily commute. 
Also, in case of an emergency or if your child needs to see the doctor immediately, it is easier and faster for parents to pick their child up if it is at a convenient location.
7. Attend Open Houses or Visit Schools 

Attending open house events organized by the schools gives parents the opportunity to experience the school’s environment firsthand as well as asking questions to decide on whether the school is the right fit for their child. If there are too many options to choose from, you can start by creating a shortlist of the schools that made the first cut based on the criteria mentioned such as location, values and curriculum.

To kickstart your search, make use of Serious About Preschool search engine by keying in your postal code to shortlist the schools near your desired location, then visit Serious About Preschool Partners Page to check-out the partners that are offering perks for new signups! 
In a nutshell, choosing the right preschool for your child is an important decision that will jumpstart your child’s learning journey. It can be a painless process for parents should they follow the above-mentioned checklist and make use of Serious About Preschool tools that are designed to help busy parents. Last but not least, read up on 
reviews of the schools before making the final decision so that you learn from experienced parents too. 
Happy searching!


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