Genius R Us - Kids' Baking Friend (A Baking Cove that Shapes Kids)

Genius R Us - Kids' Baking Friend

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Genius R Us - Kids' Baking Friend (A Baking Cove that Shapes Kids)

At Genius R Us, apart from providing kids with a platform where interest in baking can be honed, it is also a baking cove where kids learn to build confidence and learn skills beyond the perimeter of a classroom. There are more benefits to baking than you can imagine!

1. Experiential Opportunity

We have a growing list of more than 50 recipes for cookies, cakes, muffins, and savory treats that kids find a bundle of joy to prepare.

With easy-to-follow instructions, our recipes are at hit amongst our little chefs as they whip up palatable, yet easy to replicate baking treats, under the guidance of our dedicated baking instructors.

They learn to derive pleasure from baking as they observe, take instructions, and plan their agenda. Since kids rely on their senses to explore their surroundings, baking offers them the experiential opportunity to engage their senses of sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing.

2. Basic Arithematic Concepts

During the baking process, they are introduced to basic arithematic concepts as they learn to count, tell apart units of measurement, and even fractions when required to pour a quarter cup of flour for instance.

3. Use of Different Equipments

They will also learn to use different equipments to fulfil various tasks in the kitchen, and crack an egg confidently - tasks that imbue a sense of competence in them.

4. Develop Social, Language and Motor Skills

Baking also helps develop a host of other skills such as social, language and motor skills. Our little chefs will learn the need to team up with others as they work in pairs. Such joined efforts also allow for exchange of ideas and promote interaction in our workshops. 

5. Create beautiful memories

At the end of each session, photos will be taken of our little chefs alongside their exquisite creations, and specially framed up for keepsake. These are times where memories are built and laughter is shared. 

In the midst of all the whisking, stirring, cutting, and mixing, our little chefs pick up a wealth of skills that shape independent and cognitively-inclined individuals. All these goes to show that the benefits of baking should never be underestimated. 

Find out more about Genius R Us and their baking workshops / birthday parties packages HERE.


City Square Mall Studio 

180 Kitchener Road #07-08 Singapore 208539
Tel: 6634 6020 / 8183 0563

Westgate Kids Club Studio

3 Westgate Drive #05-03 Singapore 608532
Tel: 6908 3736

Cristofori @ Liang Court

177 River Valley Road #02-25 Singapore 179030
Tel: 6338 0009

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