Serious About Preschool's exclusive interview with Anna Bradshaw- Rapunzel on Disney On Ice

Interview with Rapunzel of Disney On Ice

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Serious About Preschool has the honor to go behind the scene to chat with Anna Bradshaw, who plays Rapunzel for the upcoming Disney On Ice in Singapore, Mickey's Super Celebration! Ever wondered how to audition for a role in Disney On Ice? How is it like to be a Disney princess in the world famous show? Are there any difficulties inorder to excel in a top-class performance? Most importantly, what are the highlights for this year show as compared  to previous years? We have the answers below!

Exclusive Interview with Rapunzel of Disney On Ice - Anna Bradshaw! 



Hey Anna, Welcome to Singapore! How did it all get started for you? What inspired you to become a skater for Disney On Ice?

I was a competitive figure skater for 15 years and the people I used to train with when I was competing told me about Disney on Ice. I had never seen a show before, but I loved Disney and I was intrigued. After college I decided to try and join.


How do you see yourself similar or different from the role - Rapunzel you are taking on?

Rapunzel and I are similar in that we both love going on adventures and that we have a lot of interests and talents (i.e. we are both artistic, like to cook, read), but she is much more impulsive than I am. She is willing to take the world head on while I like to think about my options before I plan something. I think she is a special character and fun to portray.


How was the audition for Disney On Ice like – We are sure aspiring kids ae curious to know.

Auditioning for Disney on Ice was fun and creative in a theatrical sense. The process was multilayered in that they asked me to do different things other than skate—to skate with others and to act while skating—that I had never done before. I really enjoyed the auditioning process even though I was nervous and the skaters that helped me with my audition were very welcoming and down to earth.


How did you feel when you have successfully gotten the role? 

I was incredibly happy and a little surprised when I learned I had gotten the role. I had worked with some of the creative team so I was prepared in case I was to get the role.


Any other tactics or skills that you must pick up in order to portray Rapunzel other than skating?

One of the most exciting parts about portraying Rapunzel on this show is learning to do aerial silks. In the show I perform an aerial silk act with my partner who portrays Flynn Rider. We fly high above the ice and the audience to show Rapunzel taking flight by her hair and showing her sense of adventure.


What were the difficulties you encountered during practices?

Learning aerial silks, while very thrilling, was also a lot of hard work. I had to learn to use completely different muscles in order to obtain this skill; in ice skating, we mostly use our legs and lower body muscles, but in order to do silks it’s almost all upper body and core strength. You also have to have a lot of mental discipline, which is something you acquire while learning to skate, but it’s for a whole new skill so you have to be hyper aware of what you are doing for every trick.


How do you prepare yourself for this role? Eg. Watch Tangled countless times? Eat and breathe Rapunzel every day?

I wouldn’t mind watching Tangled more often since it’s a great movie. I do try to think about how much I love the feeling of flying and other things that get me excited since Rapunzel is an excitable character. She loves to interact with people so I try to pick out certain people in the audience to wave to during the show.


How would you describe the relationship between all the performers?

I would say the relationship dynamic that the performers have with each other is one that is like a family. We are with each other for long periods of time throughout the year, and within close proximity, so we end up spending a lot of time with each other. We grow to love each other like a family.


What can the kids expect from this year’s show titled Mickey’s Super Celebration that is/ are different from previous years? Anything new or exciting to anticipate?

One of the greatest things about Disney on Ice presents Mickey’s Super Celebration is how interactive the show is. We have two live hosts and one of the kids in the audience gets the chance to start the show. You can also help Mickey and Minnie pick out their outfits to wear in our finale (which you can find online when you go to One of the other really special aspects about the show is that this is the first time Moana is being brought to Asia, and we are super excited to have her here. Aside from that we also have a brand new Frozen segment featuring the new song “When We’re Together” performed by Elsa and Anna from Olaf’s Frozen Adventure. And, you can catch the stellar aerial acts performed by myself and Ariel from the Little Mermaid who performs on a rope called the Spanish Web. I’d say it’s a pretty spectacular show and I’m honored to be part of it.

Serious About Preschool would like to specially thank Disney On Ice and Anna Bradshaw (Rapunzel for Disney On Ice) for taking the time to have a fruitful interview with us. Catch Anna in action from 20 - 24 March 2019 at the Singapore Sports Hub. Book your tickets online HERE.


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