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Is Your K2 Child Ready For Primary One?

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Find out if your child is meeting Primary 1 milestones by attempting selected FREE Past Year Primary 1 Top School Exam Papers ONLINE! Monitor your child's progress and gauge if she / he is going to be transiting well into primary 1 by year end.

FREE Past Year Exam Papers from Top Schools - DO Online!

The transition from K2 to P1 is daunting to many parents, being an emotional and academic milestone for our preschoolers. Whether you have been preparing your children for primary school by investing in enrichment classes, selecting the most suitable preschools or adopting a more chilled parenting approach, it's undeniable that there are certain academic expectations in place when our little ones promote from preschool to primary school education. Have you ever wondered if your K2 is ready for primary one and have met those expectations academically? Did the enrichment classes help or your child still need to brush up more on a particular subject so that it is going to be an easier transition to primary one for them? What if your child is already exceeding expectations in the subject? Do you want to reallocate your resources to other areas he/ she is falling behind?

Serious About Preschool can help you in making these decisions! One step at a time, we have made the first attempt by taking the effort to convert selected past years' top school P1 test/ exam papers online, segregating by terms so that your child can attempt them conveniently. Our online system also takes time off you to hunt, download or even mark the papers. We are giving out FREE* papers for limited periods of time! 

NO More: 
X Hunting; Downloading and Printing of Test/ Exam Papers
X Sorting out Papers by Terms and Schools
X Tedious Marking
X Invest Blindly on Subjects

Say YES to: 
* Immediate Results sent to your Mailbox
* Attempt for FREE by Terms by Subject
* Get notified when new term papers are released
* Gauge on child's performance amongst peers (TBA)

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