Renowned Experiential Brain Development Enrichment from Japan

KUNO method from Japan, is now in Singapore!

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KUNO method is an established pre-school holistic enrichment from Japan with more than 30 years of track record. Offering a holistic pre-school enrichment for children from N1 to K2, covering Math and Science concepts, KUNO method develops children's ability to articulate their thoughts clearly and confidently all in one programme. The curriculum and teaching method is backed by international research and refined over 30 years of teaching.


Being a Renowned Experiential Brain Development Enrichment from Japan, KUNO method works with children aged 3 to 6 (N1 to K2).

It's goals are to help children:

(1) master foundational Math concepts and acquire strong reasoning skills before they enter Primary school.

(2) acquire lateral thinking skills (think out of the box) through their original IQ puzzles and IQ questions.  

To achieve this, KUNO method helps children dissect Math and other foundational concepts and learn progressively.

Every lesson is a fun 3-stage learning journey where children are stimulated to experience the problem and discover answers, first collaboratively in a group game, then on their own. By the end of the lesson, we know that genuine learning happens when children can complete worksheets independently and explain answers in their own words. When children enjoy learning, it makes learning most effective.

KUNO method helps children acquire a deep understanding of concepts organised in 6 fundamental learning areas, which they can build on for acquisition of more advanced knowledge later on.

1) Comparison, Order & Measurement
2) Spatial Recognition
3) Numbers & Operations
4) Geometry
5) Language & Effective Communication
6) Other Essential Life Skills (Critical Thinking | Memory | Science & General Knowledge | Fine Motor Skills)

It sets a solid foundation for children before they progress to primary school.

Every lesson has specific learning objectives and how parents can reinforce concepts learnt at home. At the end of each term, parents can look forward to a short review session by the teachers on how concepts imparted in each lesson in the term integrate. When parents understand their child's progress and know how to reinforce concepts at home, it makes learning a success.

KUNO method's Founder - Mr Yasuyoshi Kuno 久野 泰可

Mr Yasuyoshi Kuno is a well-known educator in Japan who is often invited by educational institutions in Japan and China to conduct seminars to share his knowledge and expertise with the public and university students.​The KUNO method was developed by Mr Yasuyoshi Kuno more than 30 years ago through his research on preschool education as well as his personal teaching of classes. He devoted all his working life of over 44 years to early childhood education. He is a recognised expert and advises the Osaka prefecture in its education reform. He believes that children who had mastered foundational concepts and have critical reasoning and logical thinking will enjoy learning and solve problems independently. Apart from Japan, the KUNO method has a strong following in China, India, Vietnam, Thailand and put into curriculum in Korea.

  • Graduate of Yokohama National University Education Department
  • Chief of Early Childhood Education Practice Research Institute  (1983 – 1986)
  • Established  KUNO Method in 1986 
  • Consultant to Osaka prefecture to revamp the state-provided early childhood education for pre-primary children 
  • Author of early childhood education books sold on 
  • Recognised for his work and gave a 30-part lecture on the NTT DoCoMo gacco (i.e. web service for lectures by university faculty members)
  • Creator of more than 300 educational workbooks, puzzles, materials for preschool children

TRIAL CLASS (For a Limited Time Only)

For a limited time only, KUNO method is inviting your child to experience learning through play.

Book your trial class at the promotional rate of $30 (Usual: $60 to $68). Contact the centre to check time slots.


Be the first to experience the wonderful learning experience of KUNO method!

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Contact: 6560 8588


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