Opening of Two New MindChamps Chinese PreSchools

MindChamps Chinese PreSchools at Cecil Street and Thomson are now Open

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MindChamps Chinese PreSchool was established in 2015 to meet the needs of parents to provide their children (aged 18 months - 6 years) with a solid foundation in the Chinese language. MindChamps offer a nurturing and vibrant Chinese speaking and learning environment to help children cultivate a genuine love for the language, to speak it fluently and experience the Chinese culture and heritage through integrated learning – e.g. Chinese folk songs, clay sculpting and Chinese calligraphy.

2 New MindChamps Chinese Centre Opening @ Thomson and Cecil Street 

At MindChamps Chinese PreSchools, Chinese will be used as the main language of instruction for all lessons in PG and N1, except for two enrichment programmes: MindChamps Reading and Writing and Creativity & Theatrical Strategies. With two Chinese teachers guiding the class, the younger children would be able to grasp and understand the language better and faster as they are given maximum exposure during their time in preschool.

As the children progress further in their learning journey from N2 to K2, each class will be taught by one English and one Chinese teacher – similar to the setting for all classes across all levels in bilingual MindChamps PreSchool centres. This will provide pre-schoolers with a balanced exposure of both languages as they progress into the Kindergarten curriculum and prepare for their primary school education.

As an award-winning preschool, MindChamps Preschool is recognized internationally for its unique research-based curriculum, which nurtures children with the confidence of a Champion Mindset. This stellar recognition is achieved through collaboration with leading experts across various disciplines, including world-renowned neuroscientist Professor Emeritus Allan Snyder FRS. (Centre for the Mind, University of Sydney)

Now, with MindChamps’ highly successful curriculum available in Chinese, your child has the opportunity to be nurtured holistically in a positive Chinese-speaking learning environment.

Benefits of A Chinese-Speaking Learning Environment For Your Child:

- Provides ample opportunity to practice conversing in Chinese for greater flair and fluency

- Strengthens your child’s natural learning ability by nurturing his/her Champion, Learning and Creative Minds

- Develops a lasting interest and love for Chinese language through fun and engaging learning activities


MindChamps Chinese PreSchool @ Cecil Street

- 6 spacious classrooms

- Well-equipped gym room for NeuroMooves programme

- Dedicated room for enrichment lessons and meal times

- In-house nutritious meals for champs

- Indoor Playroom

Address: 105 Cecil Street, #04-01/04, The Octagon, Singapore 069534


MindChamps Chinese  PreSchool @ Thomson

- Approximately 10,000 sq ft of learning space

- Spacious room to conduct the Chinese Cultural Appreciation Programme

- Dedicated room for music appreciation

- Well-equipped gym room for NeuroMooves programme

- Specially designed gourmet space

Address: 512A Thomson Road, #02-01, SLF Podium, Singapore 298137



Enrol your child in MindChamps Chinese PreSchool and enjoy up to $1,800 savings + $150 worth of Starter Kit!

For more information about MindChamps Chinese PreSchool, please visit




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