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MUAKIDS - The Most Important Stickers You Can Buy

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Kids are notorious for setting things down and walking away. As parents, we always have to have a way for our kids’things to get back to them or their backpacks, water bottles, books, toys, and shoes could be lost forever.

The obvious solution is to label them. We can use permanent markers, which definitely are permanent, but look terrible. We can use a traditional label, but they either look too grown up for our kids’ things, or they may not stick well.

Enter the Muakids Stick On Labels. Named for the sound we make when kissing our darling children, these fun labels will permanently stick to their items, and they’re so cute that our children love them too!

Cute Labels Your Kids Will Love

Muakids’ labels come in different shapes and sizes which can practically label anything and everything.


You can order Skinny Labels for small items like pens, pencils, and rulers. Those just have space for a name. They are made waterproof, so they work just as well on items like water bottles, mugs, and toothbrushes.

The Basic Labels are simple, yet stylish, and have room for one line of text and a cute symbol like an owl, a shark, or a princess crown. 

The Deluxe Labels are great for belongings. They have room for two lines of text and come with a choice of darling icons.

The Shoe Labels are printed like feet – maybe they’ll even help your kids figure out which feet to put in which shoes!

Gift Labels are a fun way for your little ones to put their own mark on a gift. They have two lines for your message and your child’s name and can be customized to read “Especially from” for gifts, “With love from” for letters and gifts, or a sweet message like “Lots of love.”

All the labels can be customized by color, font, message, and icon, so your child can have fun creating personal statements they’ll love on all of their belongings.

Keep on Labeling!

If you get so carried away with stickers that you want to keep sticking, Muakids also offer Iron-On clothing labels, BAG Tags for backpacks, diaper bags, and luggage, and even decorative Wall Decals. Those are great for adding personality to a room that’s easy to change as your child grows – they just peel off. They’re also great if you aren’t able to paint your walls or put holes in them.

Muakids was created by a mom of three small children to keep track of their things. When her friends and their kids fell in love with the fun labels that are 100% waterproof, tear-proof, and weatherproof, a business was born.

She personally designs and prints all the labels in-house, so you know Muakids is truly and 100% made in Singapore!

Check out and get labeling now!

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