Online Chinese New Year Stories & Songs

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Learn about the Legends of Nian, how Chinese New Year Eve comes about and the Chinese customs from our online Chinese New Year Stories in both English and Mandarin! Join us for an adventure of English Stories on Chelsea's Chinese New Year, Dragon Dance Song, Goldy Luck & The Three Pandas,​ Lunar New Year and Chinese stories on 年除夕 and 小年兽!

Chinese New Year Stories (in Mandarin)

Do you know why Chinese New Year Eve is called Nian Chu Xi (年除夕)?What is the legend of Nian (年的传说)? Watch these Chinese New Year stories in Mandarin online with Serious About Preschool to discover the mysteries behind these legends!

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The Story of Chinese New Year Eve and The Legend of Nian

年除夕 (The Legend of Chu Xi): 和孩子一起了解:为什么每年腊月的最后一天叫做“除夕”?
Do you know why is Chinese New Year Eve is called Nian Chu Xi (年除夕)? 

小年兽 (The Story of Nian): 你听过“年”的传说吗?很久很久以前,在一座高高的山上,住着一个孤独的怪兽,叫“年”。他有四只眼睛,一张大嘴,还挺着个大肚子。每到冬天*冷的时候,他就会特别生气,从山上冲下来,抓住那些孤独的人,把他们吞掉……救命啊!

Heard of the legendary creature called 'Nian' 年兽 who used to come out during Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year Stories & Sing-A-Long (English)

Learn about the various Chinese customs during Chinese New Year through Stories told by Ms Deborah! Sing-Along Chinese New Year songs with her and some mystery animal friends.

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Chelsea's Chinese New Year: Chelsea's family is celebrating Chinese New Year! Chelsea gets to stay up late. She watches fireworks and a parade with a dragon! She and her family have a big feast. Find out the different ways people celebrate this special day!

Dragon Dance Song: This Dragon Dance song enables children to get into the spirit of the Chinese New Year! Sing-Along with Ms Deborah and her mystery animal friends!

Goldy Luck & The Three Pandas: In this Chinese American retelling of "Goldilocks and the Three Bears," a careless Goldy Luck wreaks havoc on the home of a family of panda bears. She eats up the littlest panda’s rice porridge, breaks his rocking chair, and rumples all the blankets on his futon. When Goldy takes responsibility for her actions, she makes a new friend (and a whole plate of turnip cakes!) just in time for Chinese New Year.

Lunar New Year: After the winter solstice each year, it’s time for a celebration with many names: Chinese New Year, Spring Festival, and Lunar New Year! With beautiful artwork by Chinese illustrator Alina Chau, this festive board book teaches readers that Lunar New Year invites us to spend time with family and friends, to light lanterns, and set off fireworks, dance with dragons, and to live the new year in harmony and happiness.

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