Serious A bout Preschool is now available on your mobile!

Serious About Preschool Mobile App is Launched!

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Calendar of Kids Activities and Perks ON THE GO



Always wondering where to bring your kids? Tired of copying down events into calendar or keeping track of them? Cannot remember what pre-school and enrichment vouchers are in our members' welcome pack emailed to you?

Serious About Preschool has e
verything researched and saved into one app for you to enjoy on the go, for FREE! A spin off from the widely popular portal,, and it's App is the ultimate guide for parents to search for kids enrichment classes, preschools, child care centres and holiday programs, enjoy exclusive member discounts and perks (especially from enrichment and pre-school operators) as well as be in the know of happenings and kids activities in Singapore! We have scuffed the island doing all the legwork for you!

Other Highlights of this APP includes:

NEW FEATURE: Kids' Activities Consolidated in Calendar Format

Check out what to do with your little ones BY DAY and DATE!  On our innovative one-of-the-kind app, parents can conveniently look for school openhouses, kid's events and activities in an extremely easy to navigate format. Saw something of your interest? Save it to your phone calendar, share it with your friends or even send enquiries to the organizer with just a tap! 

NEW FEATURE: Members' Welcome Pack ON THE GO!

Forgot what exclusive Pre-School and Enrichment vouchers are in Serious About Preschool Welcome Pack? You do not have to dig your emails to look for it anymore! All vouchers are consolidated in the app! With just a tap, you can send enquiries or even ask us to email you the physical vouchers again for use - anytime, anywhere!

Serious About Preschool App is now available on Playstore and Appstore. For launch special, we are offering it to parents for FREE! 


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