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The Learning Lab - The Reading Workshop (March 2018)

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Would you like your child to sound out letters and blend them effortlessly to form words? Would you like your child to start recognizing sight words that will help him to read more effectively?

The Reading Workshop

The Reading Workshop is a 10-week programme aimed at giving K1 and K2 students a strong foundation in reading. Based on research on best practices in both local and global domains, we have developed a systematic yet fun approach to setting the building blocks for your child’s reading journey. Children will not only gain practice in phonics and blending, they will also be immersed in a fun and interactive environment where play is used to reinforce new words and sounds learnt. To cultivate a love for reading, they will also get to borrow books and graded readers from our in-house library each week. The workshop serves as a pre-cursor to our Junior English programme, where reading and writing, speaking and listening skills will be honed, and other primary head start skills will be introduced.

Level 1 Early Readers

If your child is unable to sound out words in print or read in complete sentences, Early Readers is a fantastic place to commence his or her reading journey.

Your child will learn to :
- Decode words through blending and segmenting
- Read simple words and sentences
- Practise the beginning, middle and ending sounds of words
- Examples of the sight words they will learn are: He, She, In, The…
- Examples of the decodable words they will learn are: Pit, Sit, Sip, Pat…

Level 2 Intermediate Readers

Children who have completed Level 1, or are already able to read some sight words and simple words, are welcomed to join our Intermediate Readers. In this workshop, we introduce digraphs, trigraphs, and longer sentences.

Your child will learn to :
- Master foundational phonic sounds and consonant blends
- Sound out digraphs and trigraphs
- Expand their vocabulary of sight words and multisyllabic words
- Examples of the sight words they will learn are: Mine, Will, Who, Mother…
- Examples of the decodable words they will learn are: This, Shell, Song, Sing, Cheek…


Term: 10 weeks (Wednesday 21 March to Tuesday 28 May 2018)

Location: United Square
Programmes available: Reading Workshop Level 1 & 2

Option 1: Mondays, 3pm to 4.30pm
Option 2: Wednesdays, 5pm to 6.30pm

Fees: $719.00*
*All fees subject to 7% GST

 Classes are capped at a maximum of 8 students per class


Centre information: 

Website: www.thelearninglab.com.sg

Contact: 6733 8711

Email: enquiry@thelearninglab.com.sg

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