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The Story of Carpe Diem Preschool

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Want to find out more about Carpe Diem's curriculum approach and teaching methods? Serious About Preschool has specially interviewed Ms Asyriawati Binte Mohd Hamzah, the Head of Curriculum & Training of Carpe Diem Preschool to understand more!

Exclusive Interview With The Head of Curriculum & Training Of Carpe Diem Preschool 

1) Carpe Diem has 31 centres in Singapore now! What is your curriclum approach that has made the preschool so popular?

Our Multiple Intelligence-based curriculum develops the eight innate intelligences of every child. Children are actively involved in experiential learning that will foster their curiosity in developing new skills and knowledge. With this framework, we identify ways that children learn best, shaping them into 21st century learners. We engage multiple teaching tools to build positive relationships and to foster meaningful learning experiences. By honouring individual needs and strengths, every child is nurtured to their fullest potential.

2) What teaching methods do you use?

Carpe Diem teachers uncover the innate abilities of every child, nurturing and inspiring them to reach their fullest potential. With our Multiple Intelligence-based curriculum, teachers are equipped with the tools and methodologies necessary to provide active learning experiences that bring out the talents of our young children.  No one set of teaching strategies will work best for all children at all times. Teachers use a broad range of teaching strategies with the children as all children have different proclivities in the eight intelligences. For example, storytelling, brainstrorming, science thinking, visualisation, graphic symbols,  rhythms, songs, chants, cooperative learning and reflection moments which aim to nurture the eight intelligences.

3) Is the environment conducive to learning and creativity?

At Carpe Diem, we strive to develop children who are confident, competent and creative. Children are seen as active participants in their learning. They develop theories about the natural world, and are encouraged to test their ideas in real world settings. The school enviroment is purposefully designed and organized with learning spaces dedicated to specific intelligence and holding intelligence specific materials which engage children to discover, wonder and learn. Imagination is the door to possibilities. It is where creativity, ingenuity, and thinking outside the box begin for our children. Visit our centres to learn how our learning spaces nurture your child’s eight intelligences.

4) How does your preschool help children learn to interact with their peers?

Children are encouraged to take risks, problem solve, make decisions, resolve conflicts and work collaboratively with one another. Their interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence are nurtured through proper guidance on how to respect diversity and develop their social awareness through understanding the feelings and perspectives of others.

5) How does your program involve parents? Does your school provide learning opportunities for parents?

At Carpe Diem, we collaborate with our parents and families to provide a developmentally designed program with the intent of promoting a learning environment community as parents and partners in raising a Carpe Diem child. We communicate regularly through newsletters and IT application platforms. We also engage parents in participating in a variety of programmes and activities at the centres like field trips, parenting talks and celebrations. We offer home learning support to parents to help them facilitate their children’s development through our range of initiatives such as take home kits, parenting tips article, projects and parental talks.

Serious About Preschool would like to specially thank Ms Asyriawati Binte Mohd Hamzah (Head of Curriculum & Training of Carpe Diem Preschool) for taking the time to have a fruitful interview with us. 

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